Thoughts on the mind boggling progress of the human species

That can’t Be done

This morning I had a thought… I want you to think back to the caveman and his simple life. Gathering food in the day, hunting occasionally and communal eating at night (perhaps). Fighting off threats. Possibly crafting spears and starting…

I’ve worked 4 days so far and this is how I’m feeling.

Growth is good hehe

The job

For those who don’t know, I’ve just started a new job working as a teacher for a coding bootcamp in Melbourne. At the moment it’s remote and I am working from home (up near Gold Coast).

A few…

A mentor of mine has this awesome saying:

‘Passion fights for the cause, whilst sacrifice paces the way for the cause to become real’

This truly changed my perspective on my goals and aspirations. It’s Pointless to pursue a goal if we are not willing to accept the sacrifices we must. Put simply, it won’t happen if we do not accept the necessary sacrifices.

So, what are the sacrifices you must accept, in order to achieve your goal?

There is a difference between quitting and knowing it’s not for you.

Can we know which flavour is our favourite without first trying each type?

Just yesterday I was reminded by a loved one of a common pattern that I have repeated in life.

‘I see you continually get so focused on something for 6 months, and then you just stop.’

It wasn’t…

Learning to startup

Daily thoughts from a young entrepreneur, finding peace and purpose in his journey to fulfilment. My name is George.

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